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Panel 1: Caption reads, "Then." An establishing shot of the piano bar Daniel works at, Keys on the River, seen from outside on a sunny winter day. Some patches of snow linger in the shadows on the sidewalk at the foot of the brick buildings. A small figure in a yellow winter parka stands off to the side, looking up at the Keys on the River sign. The narration starts, "I guess you could say..."

Panel 2: The figure is Daniel. His expression is unsure. The narration continues, "...that I lived my life in fear."

Panel 3: Daniel walks into the piano bar, sunlight streaming in from behind him. He's wearing a band shirt (The Smiths). As he looks around the seemingly empty room, he calls, "Hello? I called about your Craigslist ad...?"

Panel 4: Elena, a woman of indeterminate age, looks up from signing a form on a clipboard. A delivery man in a uniform of a brown cap, vest, button-up shirt and khakis leans on a dolly stacked with boxes. Elena is standing in the back of the bar, near the stage where flight cases for music equipment are lined up against the wall. Elena calls back, "Oh, hey! Back here! Just give me a sec!"

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Page 34

WE'RE BACK! (No relation to the 90s animated children movie about dinosaurs in NYC that I sometimes think I fever dreamed.)

I'm amped to be back with Chapter 2, which is where the real fun begins. We're finally gonna get to spend some time with the band...! In the mean time, though. Enjoy Elena temporarily taking over as the main character. (I'm joking, but only kind of. Haha! I just love her so much!)

An important note on the update schedule -- Keeping Time updates will be going down to once a week, with new updates going live on Tuesdays!

July did not go at all how I thought it would, which means if I stuck to our twice a week schedule I'd run out of completed pages by November. This would pretty much guarantee me having to take a prolonged hiatus at some point, and I'm personally not a fan of those, so! Slow 'n steady it is!

Thank you all so, so much for making Chapter 1 such a success. I'm so excited to keep going!